Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! - Mar 14th. 2015

San Jose suffered a frustrating 6-2 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks and your pal Ian is going to tell you how he saw it.  It's the post game, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! 

The Good: Honestly I really thought the sharks had a good chance to win the game through two periods of play, they dominated on the shot clock putting 26 shots on goal in those periods as well as laid out a ton of hits and had their opportunities to win the game unfortunately Corey Crawford was on his game tonight.  He wasn't perfect though as Rookie Melkar Karlsson continues to impress notching his 12th. and Joe Thornton was able to get a goal off a deflection and I thought the Hawks were lucky to leave enter the 2nd intermission with a tie.  Sharks for what felt like the hundredth game in a row had a goal called back.  It was not a perfect game for the Sharks to that point but one that should have been good enough to gut out a win against a very good Blackhawks team.

The Bad:  Power play only hit one of their 4 opportunities while the penalty kill was only successful half the time, the Sharks need to tighten up their special teams if they are going to somehow find themselves playing in April.  On the first Chicago goal Braun needs to be more aggressive, I thought he backed off to much forcing Niemi to make a difficult save that gave him no chance to control the rebound and because of Brauns passiveness Sharp didn't have to fight at all for the rebound and put it passed an out of position Niemi.  While Nemo has had better games that goal is on Braun as Niemi made the initial save.  Mirco Mueller took a stumble that took away from what was another good game by the rookie defenseman.

The Ugly: There is no excuse for the 3rd period the Sharks played after dominating on the shot clock they allowed a tough goal and then spent a great deal of the rest of the period killing penalty after penalty, which was not successful enough when it was all said and done the Sharks let the game get away from them while the 'Hawks scored 4 unanswered goals.  Someone mentioned it was like the Sharks put the entire month of February and I couldn't agree more.  After solid efforts against the Penguins and Predators if the Sharks are on the outside looking in they can look back at this game as when the train really slid off the tracks.  

Final Thoughts: Sharks have been dealt a crappy hand by the out of town scoreboard but they have not done enough to help themselves either, while the previous two games were some of the most enjoyable Sharks hockey I have watched all year it comes as a small consolation when the final home stand record is 2-2-0, The Sharks now head out on the road on a trip that will literally make or break their season.  With the night games still in progress the Sharks are left with a 15% chance at the playoffs, more trouble from the out of town scoreboard it gets worse. With 4 more regulation losses this season is over.

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