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Hot Take Alert! - Mar 2nd. 2015

This is a special hot take alert a blog that is filled with my random thoughts on some random topic today's random topic is the Sharks Trade Deadline!

So another trade deadline has come and gone and it went pretty much how I expected it go for Team Teal.  I know the end results does not make everyone happy and I get it from both sides, we have 2 years left of Marleau and Thornton and the Sharks are doing nothing to build a winning team around them after last year's playoff collapse that really seemed to just crush the mind of Doug Wilson.  That said the Sharks are on a path now, and to me it's an important one.  We might all want Thronton or at least Marleau to retire in teal but who here really expects them both be here when their current contracts run dry... not me, especially if Doug Wilson is still at the helm.  So the sharks having one of their worst seasons in recent memory continued to do minor moves and sell of some assets and I'll give you a quick rundown of the week with my thoughts on all the moves.

Aaron Dell signed to a 2 way deal

Nothing should really be read into this news, as well as he has done in the Woo I don't really know if he is an NHL backup to be honest, to me this is a guy who is going to spend most of his time with the AHL team and be used as an emergency call up to keep the bench warm if necessary. 

Tye McGinn on waivers, claimed by Arizona: I never thought Tye McGinn was that special just a competent 4th round energy guy who is a dime a dozen in this league.  No issues with this move. No grade.

Grade: A, It's a solid signing for the AHL team.

James Sheppard to the New York Rangers for a 4th round pick.

Sheppard was the first domino to fall in the UFA selloff I really thought (and this will be a trend) that he could have fetched us a 3rd.  Sharks retain some salary but since I didn't expect any big moves to follow and this to be the start of the sale I had no issue with it.  It's better to get that 4th round pick than nothing when he left July 1st.  The only thing that really bothers me about this deal is the reasoning was given that they wanted to see Hertl at centre... Hertl is not playing center tonight.  Also Sheppard was better on  the wing... I was much more ok with this before DW started talking.

Grade: C-, It was a C+ before DW had to ruin it by talking.

Freddie Hamilton goes to Colorado for Karl Stollery

Hockey's Future's Talent Analysis: Stollery is a late bloomer who is just coming into his own after four years of NCAA hockey. He plays a solid defensive game with few mistakes and can produce in the offensive end as well.

Well I don't know much about the Stollery looks like 30 point defensemen in the AHL, limited NHL time, can he turn into something I'm not sure... could be a nice piece for the Woo's playoff push though.  Hamilton didn't really impress in his NHL auditions and the Sharks moved on.

Grade:  B, If nothing else it's a good move for the AHL club.

Sharks get Ben Smith and a Conditional 7th rounder for Andrew Desjardins

I personally will miss Desi a lot, I thought he was a good 4th line center that was always anchored down by garbage that was put on his wings.  The Sharks get Ben Smith who sounds like a good bottom six penalty killer and the outrage by Hawks fans make this deal something I'm looking forward to seeing play out as much as I'll miss Desi.

Grade: B+, Hawks fans were pissed about this move before they knew what was coming their way I think that speaks volumes about the guy we picked up.

Tyler Kennedy to the Islanders for a conditional 7th round pick.
If the Islanders make the playoffs and TK plays 50% if the games we get a 3rd round pick.  Personally I really thought TK would fetch a better price especially out east.  He's a guy I had much higher hopes for but could never stay out of TMac's dog house or healthy and was never as effective as I thought he might be in Teal.

Grade: F, While guys like Joe Pavelski were drafted in the 7th round I think DW could have done better here.

None of these moves make the Sharks immediately better, some of the returns where pretty bad, overall an expected but not exceptional draft day.

Overall Grade: C- Doug Wilson did what a GM in our situation probably should have done but in a barely passable manor.

Your thoughts?

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