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Hot Take Alert! - Jan 29th. 2015

Hot Take Alert isn't exactly a hot take on anything because even though I consider myself an armature writer at best I do take some pride in my work and always strive to give you opinions based on real facts not page views,  mostly I just like the dragon.  Hot Take Alert is your pal Ian's round up of miscellaneous Sharks and other hockey news that seems interesting enough to write about.  I hope you enjoy.

AHL Sharks to San Jose

Today it was announced that the AHL is expanding 5 teams to California including the farm team of our San Jose Sharks who will be sharing the same barn.  This may have been the worst kept secret and something that has been covered a lot over the last week but I'd thought I'd throw my two cents in anyway.  First this is why you put teams in places where it might not work, the NHL and Gary Bettman in particular take way to much flack for the NHL's failed experiments and not nearly enough for the ones that have worked out. If you can make an expansion market last long enough so that kids are introduced to the game grow up to be season ticket holders and if you can put a stick in a kids hand and it stays there you will make a fan for life.  Here is a fun fact almost all of California's ECHL teams (a league lower than the AHL) actually outdraw the Worcester Sharks.  Here is my list of Pros, Cons and To Be Determined about this move specifically for the Sharks.


The ticket prices are expected to range from $18-34 dollars, not I'm not local so I don't really know about parking and other issues but to me this seems like a decent price for 2nd tier action and should get more people into SAP to see live hockey.

The Sharks may actually put some effort into building their AHL team.  Prior to this season the Sharks have generally left the baby sharks void of any top end talent as the future was mortgaged in an attempt to win now.  The Sharks are probably going to sell this like come see the future of the team.... you have to think they want to make the future look bright.  I think this puts a lot of pressure on the Sharks to ice a good team especially if the big club continues to take backwards steps, if you can sell the future I think they can mend fences but if this big club and little club is terrible this could actually end up being a nightmare move for the Sharks.  I'm also keeping in mind that the Sharks have had to rely heavily on their farm to fill the big clubs roster this year.

Calling up a guy from the minors does not have him traveling across 3 time zones and having to practice and play a game while jet lagged.  I have made this flight personally many times and jet lag is terrible. 


Obviously the fans in Worcester lost their team and that sucks.  I think this is a great move for the organization as a whole but the fans in Worcester did a good job supporting this team and are an unfortunate and unavoidable casualty in this.

I worry about the Ice Quality in SAP Center when the weather gets warmer if both teams are still playing especially if they play twice in the same day.

To Be Determined (Things that could go either way)

Do they save money in travel?  Depends on how often they have to go back east, apparently the western teams are footing the bill for the east teams to visit if the scuttlebut is correct.

I'm not a fan of Roy Sommer I think his best before date is long past even though he has not been ever given a ton to work with.  Will they give him better pieces?  Will he last a season with the big clubs fans watching.... stay tuned. to Include Fancy Stats

During all star weekend the NHL is going to be including fancy stats like corsi, fenwick, zone starts in what should end up being 30 stats included.  To me this is fantastic and I can't wait.  I know some people don't like these stats and say there are flaws, I agree there are also flaws in GAA and +/- as well.  This is important because like them or not fancy stats have taken the internet by storm and the NHL sticking their head in the sand pretending they don't exist would have been foolish.  While I'm only have a casual interest in these stats I do like to know I can find them on the mothership.  For those concerned that they will show up more in my writings fear not, between Andrew Bensch and Fear the Fin for example have you more than covered in those areas I'm sure I'd mess it all up.

Former Shark Goc Traded To Blues

Former Sharks 1st round draft pick was traded by the Penguins to the Blues for super pest Maxim Lapierre.

Although never living up to his drafting, Marcel Goc is a steady bottom six center who is excellent defensively and in the faceoff dot.  He has a 65% faceoff percentage in defensive zone shorthanded draws.

The Penguins not only get a little sand paper in their lineup but also continue on their quest to employ every douche bag to ever lace up skates in the NHL, I mean really who has this team not employed in the history of ever that has had the distinction of guys that should be out of the league.  (Ok maybe that was a bit of a hot take)

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