Monday, January 19, 2015

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Jan 19th. 2015

Now it's time for the post that may or may not have been started in the second intermission.  It's your unofficially official, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!  The Sharks piss away 2 points like only they can this year and your pal Ian is going to tell you how he saw it.

The Good: There was so much stuff I had written for good as the game went on but had to cross off as I went.  The power play had it chances and looked deadly, before it got worse as the game went on culminating in a coffin sealing shorthanded goal.  Seriously what is with all the shorthanded goals?  The Sharks got off to a good start scoring the first goal before getting rocked for the rest of the period allowing 2 goals.  The Sharks tied it back up on a pretty goal and then proceeded to allow another 3 unanswered. Like I said lots of could have been good but really there was nothing good about this game.

The Bad: I didn't think Stalock had his worst game as a shark but I thought he was kind of off his angels a bit and just got more shaky as the game went on, the 4th goal I thought he overplayed and his rebound control was kind of off all night.  I appreciate he didn't get a ton of help tonight from his defence in fact they should have put on devils sweaters and some points because of how bad they worked against them.   This was yet another chance for Stalock to prove that he deserved the playing time that has all gone to Niemi even though the team in front of him was shit I don't expect to see Stalock in net again until they play a back to back game or a condensed schedule of games.  The idea we could trade Niemi and Stalock could be the guy is frankly laughable to me at this point.  I thought the Burns head hitting penalty was BS, interference sure... I hope the league does waste too much time reviewing it... what happens if you're suspended and supposed to go to the all star game though? 

The Ugly: What in the hell was that 1st period you take that goal away and the Sharks get worked by a vastly inferior team in a home stretch that is really going to do plenty to determine playoff positioning.  I don't understand what is that is wrong with this team that they can't come out and beat a team that they should beat.  Randy or Baker said on the broadcast that this is a team the Sharks should beat but the Devils would not beat themselves... they are 100% right.  Another problem of late is Justin Braun... I like Justin Braun more than many on this page, but there is this thing he does where he allows attacking players to push him back into his goalie.  Great example was tonight on the Devils 2nd goal, Braun gets backed into Stalock who can't control the rebound because Braun leaves him no room to move and it results in a goal.   Overall though this game was ugly and while the reaction is going to be make a bunch of trades and fire everyone I'd argue that a knee jerk reaction is not going to fix this team. 

Final Thoughts: This game was terrible and if they play the Kings like this they are going to get demolished plain and simple.  Dead horse but this is an important home stand and the Sharks are squandering it, I don't know how even the most teal blooded of fans can think this team is for real at this point.  Are they just saving it for the playoffs?  Maybe but nothing in their history suggests that's true.  I could go on all night and pick this game apart but frankly I wasn't going to do a post tonight to begin with and I have already given the Sharks more effort on this post than they gave us tonight so I'll open the floor to you.  Where are you at Shark fans? How close to the ledge are you after this one? 

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Thanks for all the reads in advance. If not for you guys this post wouldn't have been worth the effort I did put in.

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