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The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - Jan 17th. 2015

Now it's time for the post that makes me with I didn't already write a game preview post today.  It's the officially unofficial The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.  Sharks lost to the Flames in overtime and your pal Ian is probably going to overreact.

The Good: The Sharks had a dreadful first period (more on that in a bit) but they came out looking like a decent team in the second.  They scored 3 back to back goals to take the lead in the game before surrendering a goal that would see them never have a lead again.  I give Logan Couture a lot of shit on this board and it's not that I think he's a bad player.  I just think he's a little dive happy and kind of pouty.  That said tonight I don't know if there was a Shark that left it on the ice more than he did.  He lost some teeth and took a puck off his foot and was his usual offensive threat self with a goal to boot.  Karlsson and Thornton also put the puck in the net for the Sharks.  The Sharks also took advantage of a bad Calgary PK going 1/2 on the PP and shut down the flames power play basically preventing it from setting up.  Marleau didn't score but played an exceptional game.

The Bad: The Sharks should have killed the Flames in the faceoff circle and ended up going almost even that my friends is not a recipe for success.  In my pre-game post Breaking It Down! I said that the Sharks would need to come out strong and hard to try and get at Ortio as soon as possible as it was the kids 3rd NHL game and man the Sharks could not have done the opposite of that better if they tried.  The first period was a disaster, yes they got it going near the end but the way they started the game is unacceptable on home ice.  Back in November when the sharks were a pile of dog shit we always held on to the idea it was going to be OK because when they got home they could write the ship... Maybe someone can tell me the last time the Sharks had this much trouble winning at SAP center? I think Antti Niemi has had better games, the goal the Flames scored to tie it up I thought he tracked it all the way into his net.

The Ugly: The sharks continue to turn over the puck in scary number's tonight's tragic turn over number is 20 yes that's right 20.  Most if not all Calgary goals were the result of sloppy sharks play. Broken record time this is not Stanley Cup defence, against the wrong team it's not even first round of the playoff defence. Justin Braun had a decent game but as I said in the GDT his play in that overtime goal was baby shit soft.  Unacceptable, the Sharks need better and he could be better.

Final Thoughts: The Flames continue to play with house money and if they get into the playoffs I'd be worried for their opponent because the flames have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  You know what I like about the flames?  It's a team that just works hard.  When is the last time you thought wow the Sharks just worked hard?  Aside from some individuals it's been a while.  In the second period the Sharks responded with skill but the never say die Flames beat the Sharks for a second time this year because of their effort and that is sad.  Sharks gave away a valuable point tonight that makes their next game against the non-playoff and possibly Schniderless Devils all that more important.

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What say you Shark Fans? Overreaction?

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