Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Jan 21st. 2015

Now its time for a super fast The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!
The Good: Coach TMac challenged his team before the game and the Sharks responded with what might have been their best effort this year especially considering the body count. It was awesome to play the illusive 60 minute game. Marleau scored when it mattered most and it was a very welcome goal indeed. The Sharks took no shit from LA tonight, hits where finished, guys stuck up for each other like I said it was the kind of effort you want to see. Of course the Kings were not going to roll over and die so as the shots increased Nemo did what had to be done playing an excellent game.
The Bad: The Sharks let their emotions maybe get the better of them a little bit, a really dumb Penalty by Jumbo at the end of the game nearly let the Kings make it interesting. Aside from that not a whole lot not to like about this game.
The Ugly: Nothing the Sharks did tonight was overly ugly.
Final Thoughts: This was an awesome effort and one that we should all enjoy but we have seen this from the Sharks before, not to end this on a down note but the real question is as always can they carry this forward and play like this every night or is this dominate play going to just be another blip in the radar. I know what I'm hoping for but all is not forgiven for me the Sharks need to prove something now.
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What are your thoughts Shark Fans?

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