Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hot Take Alert - Feb 25th. 2015

This special hot take alert is my review of sorts of the road to the stadium series.  I'm going to try doing this as a video as well to maybe do some video blogs which if are liked or successful could lead to Good, Bad and Ugly blogs being done as a quick video when I'm already up past my bedtime.  So if you take the time to watch I love your feedback and I do have thickish skin but there is no reason to be a super dick.. I'm aware that I may have a face for Radio.

I want to start this by saying as much as it's easy to draw some conclusions about the stadium series game but the one thing that is super important to remember is we don't know what was left on the cutting room floor, we got the month in the lives of 2 teams that got crammed into 4 hours. Is there stuff we didn't see, absolutely.  I'm also going to talk about the LA Kings like an adult and I know that upsets people too. 

Where was Patrick Marleau or Logan Couture? We got to peak in the lives of a few players I was honestly Shocked that we didn't see very much from Marleau at all considering what he has meant to this franchise throughout his career. Also for a guy who many people pegged last year to be the new face of the Franchise we didn't see a whole hell of a lot Logan Couture either both contributing some interview sound bites. 

A new respect for TMac.  I have always thought that TMac was a good coach but sometimes his lack of intensity on the bench could match the team's lack of intensity.  After watching this show I have a new respect for TMac and think that he is a great coach, my personal feelings on this team at this point is that the problems are more in the player personnel.

Pavelski for Captain!  When the shit hit the fan it seemed like Pavelski was the guy to try and rally the troops, I thought that when the C was removed from Thornton that Pavelski should have been the guy to get it and nothing changed my mind on that.  Also from what we were shown I was shocked how quiet Jumbo and Marleau were, to a man it seems like the guys still say this is Jumbo's team but it was strange. 

No Mike Richards Saga: I was shocked that this didn't get any air time at all I thought it would be an interesting topic to cover although Its obviously not the feel good story of the century for the Kings.

Things that I noticed different between the teams... I don't know if it's because the Kings were on the road so much of the series but was anyone else surprised how much closer the Kings appeared than the Sharks.  It seemed like every episode that the Kings were out doing shit in large groups and the Sharks were at home, or in their room with their roommate, aside from some in flight hi-jinx the Sharks  players seemed perfectly happy to just be by themselves.  I don't think this is a unique thing to the Sharks but I can't help but wonder if aside from depth which the Kings seem to have in spades is this what separates the teams.

Handshake-Gate:  I'm not going to re-open this one too wide I hope but this may be the most overblown thing in the history of well... ever.  I understand why people want the Handshake but to me even in the playoffs the handshake line is almost as fake as the original 6.  A lot of media types that used to play the game often talk about how much they hated it.  It's a good lesson for the kids though and it is tradition but I'd be more up in arms if this was the playoffs than a glorified regular season game and I'll leave it at that.

Overall I really enjoyed the series despite the game outcome it was cool to peek into the world of the Sharks and it was really balanced as far as air time and coverage.  A quick

What are your thoughts of the series what did you find interesting either from the show or in its omission?

Thanks for the read/watch!

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