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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! - Feb 15th. 2015

Now it's time for the post that ran away from home because it just can't do anything right there.  It's your officially unofficial, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!  Sharks lost to the Lightning and your pal Ian is going to tell you how he saw it.

The Good: Despite the final score there was a lot of good to take away from this game in my opinion, for starters this was a pretty good effort for most of the game I thought that the only time the Sharks gave the Lightning anything was after the 4th goal where the game was all but lost.  The Sharks out shot, out hit, dominated the faceoff dot, got a power play goal, the penalty kill came through, you can do down the list of critiques from the last few games aside from win the game and the Sharks did them all. Logan Couture and Brent Burns put the pucks in the net and Vlasic didn't show a ton of rust from his recent absence despite finishing the game with a -2.

The Bad: I didn't think Niemi has a bad game overall but that last goal was soft as baby shit, worse it really kicked the win out of the sails of a team that was playing some great hockey.  Nemo has to have that shot and its inexcusable.  The rest of them while savable where not the kinds of goals that makes you lay this game solely at his feet. If you don't want to give Niemi his due blame you can shift your focus to Dillon who's bonehead play led to the empty netter.

The Ugly: 23 Giveaways and only 7 blocked shots, the Sharks were sloppy on the defensive side of the puck and didn't do enough to try and atone for their errors. The Irwin Tennyson pair was the only defenseman to finish even or better with the rest of the D-Corps sitting in the minus with a -2 and -3 for Scott Hannan.  Yes Vlasic back makes this team better and this game shouldn't have you saying see Vlasic is back but the team still sucks... if you think that your an idiot that said if you think this is a cup winning D-Corps you are equally delusional.  The Sharks add to their losing record at home.

Final Thoughts: I'm not really upset about this game, the Sharks could have won it and I think they could beat Tampa in a 7 game series but you don't always win the games you deserve to and for 3/4 of the game I thought the Sharks were the better team while Bishop was simply better than Niemi. It's frustrating that for a building that is so hard to play in the sharks have strung together a losing record at SAP Center which is ok if their road record was significantly better... it's not.  The points are important and while I'm not super frustrated with the team it's hard not to look back at this point and look at points that the Sharks have pissed away and wish you had a couple in the bank so you can lose a game that you deserved to win unfortunately the Sharks are at the point that they shouldn't lose points for any reason, justified or not.  Its only going to get harder as they travel to Nashville next.

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