Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! - Feb 19th. 2015

Now it's time for the post that remembers the Alamo.  It's your officially unofficial, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!  Sharks got a much needed win in Dallas and your pal Ian is going to tell you how he saw it.

The Good: WE WON A GAME!!!! Even though I know we beat the Coyotes all of what 3 games ago with the changes in the playoff picture with all the teams around of having games in hand and passing the Sharks in points it had felt like forever since we had won a game. When I first saw the lines for today's game I thought well that is a messed up 4th line but apparently I'm a moron because it was the line that actually scored on a goalie with 2 goals be Desjardins and an assist from Hertl on Vlasic's goal.  I thought Niemi played a much needed solid game.  Sure the Stars almost got back into the game but they were also allowed to put 15 shots on goal of which Niemi stopped 14 on the way to a 37 save night.  The sharks Defense looked good blocking 24 shots.  The Sharks only gave up 5 giveaways, lately that's been a period for them.

The Bad: Special teams continue to try and defy physics by sucking and blowing at the same time.  The power play looked like a disjointed mess for the most part and the penalty kill allowed yet another goal.

The Ugly: The Sharks really played with fire after scoring their 3rd goal.  Dallas was all over them putting a ton of shots on the net, once the 3rd period hit they only had 2 shots on goal before getting the empty netters.  Against a better team this effort would have buried them.

Final Thoughts: Sorry for the brief blog tonight guys my mind is honestly elsewhere.  The Sharks got a much needed 2 points to try and keep pace in the playoff push but a Vancouver win tonight did them no favours.  The Sharks are probably going to need some help to get into the playoffs but they have a lot of work to do as well to get themselves in.  They probably won't control their destiny through the stretch drive but they can certainly take themselves out of the race... more games like tonight and that won't happen.

I'm hoping to do my Stadium series preview tomorrow and will review the whole road to the stadium series after its final episode airs next week so look out for that.

Mail Bag:

Ian what is the ROW column mean in the standings?

ROW stands for Regulation and Overtime Wins and is exactly what it sounds like, the accumulation of all non-shootout wins. 

The ROW statistic is used at the 2nd tie breaker for regular season standings.  When determining seeding/ranking at the end of the year when games played are equal it is the first tie breaker.  If Team A (ROW43) is tied for points with Team B (ROW 40) they will first look at the ROW column to break the tie the team with the higher ROW number will be seeded higher. (In this case Team A would be seeded higher)

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