Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! - Feb 28th. 2015

Now it's time for the post that is listening to My Own Worst Enemy by Lit on repeat.  It's your IanBlogsSharks official post game wrap up. It is also the officially unofficial post game blog for anywhere else it ends up.  It's The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!  Sharks lost in the sharkiest of shark ways and your pal Ian is going to tell you how he saw it.

The Good: During the game I felt so good I thought this was going to be the biggest part of the blog and I was going to tell you all how the Sharks made a move to get into the playoff race again.  It was a good start though the first period had us wondering where these Sharks were all year.  They came out of the gate shooting and Wingels got himself a goal while Neimi made some good saves all in all there was positive feelings about this team.  There was some other good things about this game too, Sharks were great in the faceoff circle winning 33 draws, they blocked more shots and they had 12 takeaways. Power play got an important goal as well.  The much maligned Patrick Marleau got a nice goal and I thought had a pretty good game.

The Bad: Sharks got themselves into some penalty trouble some of which was bad calls, some of it is serious look in the mirror material.  The problem with this though is they gave up 2 goals to the 25th ranked power play in the league.  The Penalty Kill was a high point for this team for parts of this season and has become this teams absolute undoing (along with undisciplined play to begin with).

The Ugly: The Sharks had only 2 shots for 3/4 of the 3rd period an basically gave the game away on a silver platter, Neimi was really good for long stretches of the game but came up empty when we needed him most.  His rebound control is terrible at the worst possible times.  Karlsson may have had his worst game in Teal, I think that his little run of luck is all but up and it's time to re-tool the top lines. Oh and stop me if you heard this one before... the Sharks had 18 giveaways.

Final Thoughts: The what, the why and the how don't matter anymore... all that matters is the 2 points and getting them when it matters and the Sharks have failed to do that.  Not winning a home game in an entire month when most of your games are at home is unacceptable especially when your claim to fame is having one of the toughest NHL arenas to play in. There is no more excuses now, bad calls, bad hair, it doesn't matter they have to find ways to win and find them damn soon.  What do they do now? I honestly don't know... start Stalock?  Nothing says they will fare any better. Shuffle the lines... again.  If I'm Doug Wilson I'm working my phones and I'm selling anything that's not bolted down (by NMCs) or vital to the future of this team and hoping for a better tomorrow.

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